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May 14, 2020

Solicitors act as representatives to those in need of legal services. They work on behalf of […]

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November 16, 2019

Criminal defence lawyers better understand your situations, whether you have been arrested for committing a felony […]

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A contract lawyer helps businesses, organizations or individuals by drawing up and enforcing agreements in the […]

How to Find the Right Hervey Bay Solicitor

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property in Hervey Bay, hiring the services of a Hervey Bay solicitor can help handle all the legal aspects. A reliable and reputable Hervey Bay solicitor will provide support and regularly update you during this stressful time.

Finding the right solicitor makes any conveyance process smooth and seamless. It’s because it’s the solicitor’s job to:

  • Take care of the fund transfers to pay for your chosen property
  • Handle all the legal contracts
  • Deal with the Land Registry
  • Provide legal advice
  • Handle all the local council searches

It’s why it’s very important to carefully choose the right solicitor. Solicitors are qualified lawyers and hiring them is usually costlier than hiring conveyancers. However, being able to provide you with a wide range of legal services make the expense worth every penny.

Begin your search

  • Ask recommendations from family and friends
  • Ask for recommendations from your Independent Financial Adviser, lender, or mortgage broker
  • Go online. Narrow down your search by searching only for solicitors with conveyancing experience. Read the people’s reviews about their experience with the solicitor.
  • Shop around and narrow down the shortlist by choosing solicitors with good reputations rather than low fee charges.
  • Always compare quotes from the various solicitors seen online.

Know their fees

The fee charged by solicitors varies, including:

  • Fee in the form of a percentage of the property’s price
  • Charge a fixed fee
  • Charge by the hour

Narrow down your choice by comparing the fee charges of at least three different solicitors. Ensure that the quotes include a breakdown of all costs including VAT. The breakdown of charges should include:

  • Fees for disbursements such as courier and postage services
  • Search for property or buyers
  • Charges for Buildings and  Land Transaction Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, and Land Transaction Tax
  • Fees for handling bank transfers
  • Additional fees for unexpected urgent or complex conveyancing processes
  • Land Registry fees
  • Cheap quotes often hide missing hidden costs. Good research will furnish you with the right final bill that may or may not work with your budget.

How they work

  • The exact location of the solicitor’s office. Hiring a solicitor near your workplace or home makes it convenient and easy to collect or drop off necessary documents as needed.
  • Know the best ways and times to talk with the solicitor. This is also the best time to know whether the solicitor is difficult to get hold of.
  • Find out the next contact person in case they are sick or when they have to be away on another business transaction
  • Find out if the solicitor has a system that enables you to track the progress of the selling or buying of the property
  • Find out if the solicitor has a planned vacation that coincides with the time you need his/her services

Licensed conveyancers and solicitors are fully insured and regulated to handle various property transactions. While both show identical handling of conveyancing procedures and practices, there’s one big difference. Solicitors are qualified lawyers while conveyancers are not. This major difference makes hiring solicitors a better choice. Get the top solicitor in Hervey Bay by contacting us.

Tips for dealing with unfair dismissal

It can be devastating if you lose your job. If you believe that your dismissal is more on a personal basis you might need to hire an attorney to represent you. When the dismissal is unfair you are left with the feeling of loss and it would feel like a personal rejection. It can also take its toll on your mental health however this is something which you can overcome with persistence.

This can be a stressful and emotional time for just about anyone and therefore you are advised to hire a lawyer who would support you and advise you and at the same time provide you with a speedy resolution.

You should be on the lookout for a law firm which is considered as one of the best in helping professionals resolve unfair dismissal claims as quickly as possible.

When you hire a lawyer they would help you get compensation by making an unfair dismissal claim. On the other hand if you resigned yourself because you were unable to keep up with your employer because of their actions you can still make a claim for unfair dismissal.

Also if you believe the dismissal was due to your race, age or gender, you could also make a discrimination claim. However it is important that you have somebody experienced working on your side and specially somebody who has got the right knowledge in order to get the right settlement for you.

What you should know before filing an unfair dismissal claim

Before filing a dismissal claim you should have an idea whether you has been dismissed without any of the following reasons:

  • It is fair to dismiss an employee on the basis of capacity. Most companies carry out redundancies due to a number of reasons.
  • On the basis of conduct
  • In case of redundancy
  • When continued employment would result in a statute
  • Any other substantial reason which pertains to the fact of a specific case

However if you believe that you are being dismissed without any of these reasons you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

It is best to apply for an unfair dismissal as fast as possible you would need to contact the lawyer and start a conciliation process. You only have around 3 months from the date of the time that you were terminated to file the claim.

It is best to employee experts because this can be a stressful time. You do not need the worry of having someone inexperienced handle your case. Plus the financial concerns that you have shouldn’t be a deterrent in hiring the right lawyer because they can actually help you get compensation and also prove that you were a victim of unfair dismissal.

Before you look for a law firm that handles unfair dismissal it is best to do the proper research and check out the testimonials left the previous clients. Attwood Marshall are top unfair dismissal lawyers in Gold Coast. Feel free to ask them about their services.

Solicitors Coffs Harbour

Solicitors act as representatives to those in need of legal services. They work on behalf of their clients to prove a case. Solicitors act as legal advisers to private individuals and corporate entities.

Qualified solicitors are specialised in a specific area of expertise such as litigation, family, tax, criminal, or property. Solicitors in Coffs harbour assist commercial law firms in advising corporate and private clients in various cases.

Some of the duties of a solicitor include the following:


Are there charges against you for a criminal offence? Getting the best in terms of legal advice is what you need to do.

You require the expertise of trained lawyers in criminal justice to serve as a guide for you in the system of criminal prosecution.

Hiring the right law firm ensures you get the best representation and protection of your human rights, with a proven record of goodness.


Drink driving is a grave offence that can lead to a collection of your license, disqualification, a fine, criminal conviction, and sometimes imprisonment. It is crucial to seek legal advice from the best hands, as well as representation from a qualified criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable in handling such issues regularly.

A good lawyer knows the court, magistrates, what to and not to say to get the best outcome. Collection or disqualification of your driving license can be heartbreaking for you and your family too. Professional advocacy is what you need.


Offences relating to traffic rules are often a complicated aspect of law. A traffic offence can lead to nullifying your license, loss of points, conviction on criminal charges, fine and imprisonment in extreme situations.

In such cases, you need legal advice from professionals in traffic law who are well-grounded in this. It is therefore important to consult legal advice early enough to get the best results; saving time and making a clean sheet.


The Sentencing procedure in Act 1999 has made provisions for a court to keep no records of conviction even if you’re found guilty of an offence. This goes to say you’ll have no records of criminal offences.

Loss of licenses, points or fines is not recorded in traffic matters. The charges may be dismissed under no conditions, or you’ll be placed on an agreement of good behaviour for about two years.

If the terms are not upheld, the court may revoke this agreement and impose another sentence that can lead to a criminal record.

Making an appearance in court can be a worrisome activity with so many uncertainties. If you have a case in court anytime soon, you shouldn’t be alone.

Talk to a lawyer before you go to court: You’ll get the lawyers to guide you through this trying time. Meetings will be set up between you and the lawyer and advice on family, criminal, and civil law was given. This will include the various ways to move the case forward, and expectations when you are before a jury.

Get represented in court by expert Coffs Harbour solicitors: Choose dedicated and passionate lawyers to represent you if your issue gets to court. Your chance of a favourable outcome is higher with sound legal advice and expert representation in court.

If you have a case, either individual or as a corporate entity, Turnbull Legal are leading solicitors who are willing to give you their legal assistance.

Why conveyancing lawyers are essential in businesses

When to talk to most business people, they will tell you that they have so many challenges in running and managing their businesses. Some of these challenges bring their businesses down, and they experience so much loss at times. As a business owner, selling and buying properties is one of the most significant challenges and especially if you do not have legal help. This is why most of the business people, especially in Hervey Bay, have conveyancing lawyers.   Other people do not mind hiring the conveyancing lawyers unless they have issues that are costing them in the business.  There are so many reasons as to why a conveyancing lawyer is an essential partner in your business. Some of these reasons include:

They understand the conveyancing law

A conveyancing lawyer specialises in a type of law that deals with the transferring of property from one person to another legally. For this reason, they are the best people who understand this type of law.  They also know and understand all the legalities that are involved in the business and selling of property.  When you hire a conveyancing lawyer, you will have support when you are buying or selling your property.

They help business owners with conveyancing cases

Most of the people wait until they have cases in the court of law for them to hire the conveyancing lawyers. However, they will still help you in solving the conveyancing cases that you may be having the court. When you are buying or selling your property, ensure that you have your conveyancing lawyer with you. This is because they will also be on your side when you are facing the court as a result of any misunderstanding r charges. An experienced conveyancing lawyer will help you in winning the conveyancing cases that are against you in the court.

They save you time and money

Most of the people will look for shortcuts so that they can buy or sell their properties. This may save them a great deal of money as well as time. However, you will be likely to have so many challenges after some time. When you have conveyancing lawyers, they will discourage you from using the shortcuts to buy or sell the property. They will also identify any buyer or seller you will be dealing with who will be using shortcuts.  You will not only save money and time when you are doing business but also in the long run of your business.

They relieve business owners stress

Transferring the ownership of property can be very stressful to many business owners. The process is not only tedious but also very stressful. Your conveyancing lawyer will help you to move the ownership of the property involved reducing the workload that you may be having. This, in return, relieves you the stress that you may be experiencing.

They offer legal advice

Apart from helping you with the cases you may be facing in the court of law, your conveyancing lawyer is your advisor. They will provide you with the legal advice that you need.  For instance, if you are the one who is selling the property, they will make sure that they tell you all the conditions that you must meet. They will also advise you when it comes to arranging the paperwork required. All these legal advice you get from your conveyancing lawyer will ensure that you do not get into problems with the law.

Darwin Criminal Lawyers

Criminal defence lawyers better understand your situations, whether you have been arrested for committing a felony or you have been arrested for a misdemeanour, that it is an almost terrifying experience. If you are being accused of a crime you didn’t commit has far-reaching and life-changing effects on your life. It will certainly affect your life, your family, your schooling and employment opportunities. But it is important to know that you always do have rights. Until charges against you have been proven beyond reasonable doubts, you are presumed innocent. Just because you have been accused and arrested for criminal offences does not necessarily mean that the state can prove charges against you beyond and the exclusion of reasonable doubts. Let the criminal lawyers fight your way to freedom rights.

How criminal process work

Of course, payment is involved. Aside from payment, many people do not understand how the whole process works. Almost all the people who find themselves in such circumstances confess that it is their first time and have no idea of how the whole process works. Majority claim that they have not been charged before in a court of law and don’t even know what to expect. Today, I will demystify for you to know how the whole thing works.

How defendant is supposed to act while in jail

The defendant should not discuss to anybody about the facts of his case while in jail, not even on the telephone unless it is a private phone call with the personal attorney. While with his attorney, the defendant has client-attorney privileges to discuss the facts of the case. The reason why he should not disclose the facts of his case is that anything he could say to anyone could be used against him during the trial. It will not be treated as hearsay but admission by a party opponent, and it will be admissible against the defendant at the case hearing.

Depending on the severity of the case, sometimes detectives might be sent to jail to interrogate the defendant, again he should refrain from speaking to any detective about his case, as I said earlier, everything he says will be used against him during the court trial. He should politely put off the detective by saying ‘I would love to cooperate, but my attorney advised me not to talk to a detective whatsoever’.

The defendant should not talk about his case over the telephone to the outside world while in jail simply because every telephone conversation will be recorded and everything he says will be retrieved during the trial, and any incriminating evidence will be used against him during the trial. The defendant should refrain from uttering statements such as ‘I screwed up’ or ‘I am sorry’ ‘it won’t happen again’, etc. In case the defendant will decide to fight his case later, such admissive statements are treated as remorseful, which means the defendant admitted to having committed the offences. They should also not discuss the facts of the case with the visitors, although they are free to discuss matters like bond and hiring of an attorney to help in the case.

The bond

When the defendant is arrested the following morning, he will be the magistrate; this means he will be taken to see the judge who will offer him a bond. The bond will greatly depend on the gravity of the charges placed against him, and some judges may be lenient while others may be strict, so the temperament of the judge will affect the amount of bond required.  

Hire the leading law firm in Darwin to iron out your legal issues for you.

Hiring a Contract Lawyer in Melbourne

A contract lawyer helps businesses, organizations or individuals by drawing up and enforcing agreements in the form of a contract. A contract is a legal agreement which a party can forward in the court of law in order to enforce it in case of a breach of the contract.

Businesses are always in need of a contract lawyer. Contracts are used at the time of buying or selling. In fact the sales deed of a home is a contract as well. It’s a paper which binds both the buyer and the seller to agree to certain terms and conditions at the time of the sale. If one of the party fails to comply with whatever is mentioned in the contact, the other party can sue tem for this.

The major reason why contract law is an essential part of the corporate world is that it allows companies and consumers to carry out business activities without any issue. Contracts allow for smooth transactions. Any two parties can carry out a business deal with complete confidence only due to a piece of paper which binds both together.

What does a contract comprise of?

A contract can be divided into four parts, which include

  • An offer. This is an offer made by one party to the other. An offer clearly states the terms and conditions of a deal. When the other part confirms to those conditions, they sign the contract.
  • Acceptance. If the party accepts an offer on the same terms and conditions on which the offer has been made, the contract is said to be successful. In case the party decides to add their own terms and conditions, it would not be a binding contract but would rather be a counter offer.
  • Consideration. While signing a contract both parties are expected to give something up. For example in an employment contract the company offers money and the employee offers their services.
  • Both parties need to have a mutual intention of joining into a contract. The contract binds both of the parties through a number of agreements.

How does a lawyer prepare a contract?

A lawyer prepares a contract based on the choice of law and jurisdiction issues. The court makes use of a state law. The state law differs from one region to the other. The rules of a contract for each state can vary to quite an extent. So the lawyer needs to be extra careful when formulating a contract. They need to make sure that the contract is compliant with the laws of the state.

There are specific lawyers who specialize in contract law. They may work at a law firm, provide individual services or work for a company as an in house personal. They are experts at drafting ad evaluating contracts. They not only draft a contract but also evaluate one. They advise their clients on whether they should sign a certain contract and are on the lookout for a catch to ensure that their clients do not end up in legal trouble.

Make sure you hire a contract lawyer based in Melbourne.

What solicitors in the Gold Coast can do for you

There is a range of legal issues that a solicitor can expertly handle for you. While court appearances are not part of what solicitors Gold Coast do, they expertly handle a lot of your personal legal needs.

Some common legal issues that a solicitor can guide and do for you include:

Selling or purchasing a property

As a buyer

A solicitor can be the best legal advisor to have when you are thinking of purchasing a property. A note of interest to indicate your interest in a property can be properly handled and given to the seller by a solicitor. The note of interest is simply to know about the progress of the property being sold and not an obligation to purchase. This means that you will be informed if an offer is made by another buyer.

Other than the issuance of the note of interest, a solicitor can help you:

  • Arrange for a detailed survey of the potential property
  • Understand the details of the Home reports provided by the seller
  • Assist in loan/mortgage arrangements
  • Advice on the offer amount for the property
  • Execute the written acceptance
  • Assist in the transfer documents
  • Arranging for fund transfers
  • Handle the registration requirements

As a seller

Selling a property can become trouble and stress-free when entrusted to a solicitor. The benefits gained from hiring a solicitor to handle the sale of the property include:

  • Advice about home report requirements
  • Negotiate the sale price of the property
  • Handle the various paperwork once a buyer’s offer has been accepted

Setting up your business

Setting up your business can be a tricky and confusing process. Hiring a solicitor to oversee the set-up is the best way to prevent acquiring unnecessary expenses.

Hiring a solicitor is the smartest way to financially and legally protect your startup. The things your solicitor can help with the business set up include:

  • Advice on the best business structure suitable for the business you have in mind
  • Help arrange financing needs
  • Make you understand the lease terms of potential premises for the business
  • Helps you comply with the insurance and tax requirements
  • Deal with employee hiring as well as settle disputes when it happens

Getting divorced or separated

Getting separated or divorced from a spouse or partner can be very emotional especially when it involves children. A solicitor is a highly trained expert that can handle this particular stressful situation.


Cohabitation is a state where you and your partner lived together without the benefit of marriage. A solicitor can help both partners divide their accumulated assets equally.


A decree or court order is required before divorce is granted. Evidence of irretrievable breakdown must be presented to the court for them to grant the divorce decree. There are four ways to establish irretrievable breakdown, to include:

  • Irrational behaviour
  • Consensual separation of one year
  • Not living together for two years
  • Adultery

Settling matters between spouses are one important aspect a solicitor can help and handle.

Legal issues involving family, business, buying and selling are just some of the matters that are professionally handled by well-experienced and highly-trained solicitors. When you need guidance for a range of legal matters , turn to solicitors located in Gold Coast.

5 Ways To Deal With a Hostile Work Environment

Be vocal about your issues

Always remember that communication is key. If you feel like you are unfairly being hounded at work and facing issues, it is always advisable to communicate with the offender directly and let them know firmly that you are not okay with the situation at hand. Unless you voice these concerns, more often than not, these issues prolong because the offender usually pins you down as a pushover. It is important to establish otherwise.

Involve Human Resources

If the offence continues and you feel like it has gotten to a point where you cannot cope, it is always a good idea to involve Human resources and employment lawyers adelaide to find a permanent solution for the trouble. You should start documenting and having a record of all the misdemeanors to build a case. More often than not, these things continue on happening because people think the person on the receiving end is helpless. You should always make a case for yourself and be vocal about hostility at the work place.

Create a work-life balance

Setting boundaries between work and your personal life goes a long way in being happy at your work place. Be firm about your after-work hours being your own and treat them as sacred. Exceptions in case or urgent deadlines or deliverables are alright but make sure you create a healthy work-life balance. It’s alright to say no to continuous requests of working beyond hours.

Find like-minded people

Chances are, if you’re facing a hostile work environment at the hands of a colleague or your boss, someone else in the office is going through the same thing. It might be a good idea to discuss and share your issues with someone going through it. It will make you feel less isolated and frustrated. And you know what they say – there’s strength in numbers. Having that might make you find a solution better and faster.

Detach yourself from the negativity

Through the unpleasant environment, while it is important for you to take a stand and find a solution – it is also important that you try not to let it get to your head too much. Being stressed is natural, but you have to find a way to detach from the issues and focus on what’s more important. It might also help to not take things personally and recognize the offender has a problem. Don’t beat yourself up over something that isn’t your fault. Most people tend to take the frustration out on themselves, which is a big no-no! If all else fails, then it might be time to look for a new job that suits your interests better. At the end of the day, your mental and physical health comes before anything else!

What To Do When Thinking About Changing Jobs

Do you dread going to work? Have you felt burned out at work, and have become tired of the company policies to a point you think of changing to a new job? In today’s careers, it is not uncommon to find a job change once, twice, or even more times in one’s professional. However, before deciding on changing the job, it is crucial to consider several factors.

Making a bold career move that you will regret for years to come should be the last thing you should think. Some of the things you should do when thinking about when changing jobs includes;

1.   Think About Your Favored Job Situation

Analyzing your working environment is essential when thinking of changing careers. Is it changing since you accepted the job? If this has happened, then you need to propel yourself forward in your life’s career objectives.

Write out the top advantages that you have in your current position by listing the ups and downs of your current employment. For instance; you can list all the benefits, the hours you spend going to and from work per day, and the things that make you work even harder on the job. Ask yourself how you feel about the list and make a wise decision.

2.                Does Your Character Equal The Employment?

When thinking about changing jobs, you should ask yourself whether your actual job duties match your personality.  Consider traits which enable you to solve problems, collaborate with colleagues and perform daily tasks.

From the list of main phrases that describe your job, start asking which you are able to fulfil, and which match your personality.

3.                What Are Your Dreams, Passions, And Values?

Do you dream of a work from home position? Does your current company offer that? If not, then changing your job is the only option for you so that you can fulfil the dream. If you have a passion for achieving results, but your team goes through the motions, then start to look for another group to be a part of today.

Do not forget that you have within you, the patience, the strength and passion for reaching for the stars.

4.                Think Of Paying Market Yor your Ideal Job

Do not move from one position to another if there is not a more significant paying market for you. Therefore, my word of advice for you is, when thinking about changing job, it is wise to remain at your current position while you look for a new one or start something that will fit the situation better.

5.                Location

Changing a job may require a location change. Whether the difference is one kilometre or an hour from where you live, it is crucial to consider that. Is the job location in a place you will be happy living for years to come? Therefore, it is essential to compare the long-term and short-term effects of the site of the job.