Solicitors Coffs Harbour

May 14, 2020

Solicitors act as representatives to those in need of legal services. They work on behalf of their clients to prove a case. Solicitors act as legal advisers to private individuals and corporate entities.

Qualified solicitors are specialised in a specific area of expertise such as litigation, family, tax, criminal, or property. Solicitors in Coffs harbour assist commercial law firms in advising corporate and private clients in various cases.

Some of the duties of a solicitor include the following:


Are there charges against you for a criminal offence? Getting the best in terms of legal advice is what you need to do.

You require the expertise of trained lawyers in criminal justice to serve as a guide for you in the system of criminal prosecution.

Hiring the right law firm ensures you get the best representation and protection of your human rights, with a proven record of goodness.


Drink driving is a grave offence that can lead to a collection of your license, disqualification, a fine, criminal conviction, and sometimes imprisonment. It is crucial to seek legal advice from the best hands, as well as representation from a qualified criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable in handling such issues regularly.

A good lawyer knows the court, magistrates, what to and not to say to get the best outcome. Collection or disqualification of your driving license can be heartbreaking for you and your family too. Professional advocacy is what you need.


Offences relating to traffic rules are often a complicated aspect of law. A traffic offence can lead to nullifying your license, loss of points, conviction on criminal charges, fine and imprisonment in extreme situations.

In such cases, you need legal advice from professionals in traffic law who are well-grounded in this. It is therefore important to consult legal advice early enough to get the best results; saving time and making a clean sheet.


The Sentencing procedure in Act 1999 has made provisions for a court to keep no records of conviction even if you’re found guilty of an offence. This goes to say you’ll have no records of criminal offences.

Loss of licenses, points or fines is not recorded in traffic matters. The charges may be dismissed under no conditions, or you’ll be placed on an agreement of good behaviour for about two years.

If the terms are not upheld, the court may revoke this agreement and impose another sentence that can lead to a criminal record.

Making an appearance in court can be a worrisome activity with so many uncertainties. If you have a case in court anytime soon, you shouldn’t be alone.

Talk to a lawyer before you go to court: You’ll get the lawyers to guide you through this trying time. Meetings will be set up between you and the lawyer and advice on family, criminal, and civil law was given. This will include the various ways to move the case forward, and expectations when you are before a jury.

Get represented in court by expert Coffs Harbour solicitors: Choose dedicated and passionate lawyers to represent you if your issue gets to court. Your chance of a favourable outcome is higher with sound legal advice and expert representation in court.

If you have a case, either individual or as a corporate entity, Turnbull Legal are leading solicitors who are willing to give you their legal assistance.