How to Find the Right Hervey Bay Solicitor

April 27, 2021

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property in Hervey Bay, hiring the services of a Hervey Bay solicitor can help handle all the legal aspects. A reliable and reputable Hervey Bay solicitor will provide support and regularly update you during this stressful time.

Finding the right solicitor makes any conveyance process smooth and seamless. It’s because it’s the solicitor’s job to:

  • Take care of the fund transfers to pay for your chosen property
  • Handle all the legal contracts
  • Deal with the Land Registry
  • Provide legal advice
  • Handle all the local council searches

It’s why it’s very important to carefully choose the right solicitor. Solicitors are qualified lawyers and hiring them is usually costlier than hiring conveyancers. However, being able to provide you with a wide range of legal services make the expense worth every penny.

Begin your search

  • Ask recommendations from family and friends
  • Ask for recommendations from your Independent Financial Adviser, lender, or mortgage broker
  • Go online. Narrow down your search by searching only for solicitors with conveyancing experience. Read the people’s reviews about their experience with the solicitor.
  • Shop around and narrow down the shortlist by choosing solicitors with good reputations rather than low fee charges.
  • Always compare quotes from the various solicitors seen online.

Know their fees

The fee charged by solicitors varies, including:

  • Fee in the form of a percentage of the property’s price
  • Charge a fixed fee
  • Charge by the hour

Narrow down your choice by comparing the fee charges of at least three different solicitors. Ensure that the quotes include a breakdown of all costs including VAT. The breakdown of charges should include:

  • Fees for disbursements such as courier and postage services
  • Search for property or buyers
  • Charges for Buildings and  Land Transaction Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, and Land Transaction Tax
  • Fees for handling bank transfers
  • Additional fees for unexpected urgent or complex conveyancing processes
  • Land Registry fees
  • Cheap quotes often hide missing hidden costs. Good research will furnish you with the right final bill that may or may not work with your budget.

How they work

  • The exact location of the solicitor’s office. Hiring a solicitor near your workplace or home makes it convenient and easy to collect or drop off necessary documents as needed.
  • Know the best ways and times to talk with the solicitor. This is also the best time to know whether the solicitor is difficult to get hold of.
  • Find out the next contact person in case they are sick or when they have to be away on another business transaction
  • Find out if the solicitor has a system that enables you to track the progress of the selling or buying of the property
  • Find out if the solicitor has a planned vacation that coincides with the time you need his/her services

Licensed conveyancers and solicitors are fully insured and regulated to handle various property transactions. While both show identical handling of conveyancing procedures and practices, there’s one big difference. Solicitors are qualified lawyers while conveyancers are not. This major difference makes hiring solicitors a better choice. Get the top solicitor in Hervey Bay by contacting us.