What questions are employers not allowed to ask?

We live in a world where people are becoming more and more aware of their fundamental human rights. As an employer, entrepreneur, or a business owner, if you ignore these clear lines relating to the rights of the employees, you can land yourself, your organization, or both in some really serious problems. In order to avoid this, business owners ask over and over again: what questions are employers not allowed to ask? In this article, we will take a good look at the questions that you are not allowed to ask as an employer. The reasons as to why such questions are not seen in good light will also be pointed out.

  Even though employers are widely respected all over the globe and are imbued with a lot of influence, power, and authority, there are some questions they are not expected to ask whenever they are with their employees or prospective employees during interviews or other engagements.

  • Personal questions: This is the proper thing to do and is seen as not only the etiquette but the right and civilized way to behave. You should not ask very personal questions so as not to embarrass either yourself or the other party. Ask questions that are general and those that no one will bat an eyelid over. If you are not sure if a question is too personal or not, then do not ask it.
  • –          Health history: Another big no is the health history or status of the person. As the employer, it is totally none of your business whatever the health status or history of the person is. All over the world, it is the accepted practice that health information remains absolutely confidential and must never be divulged without any consent from the person who owns the information. As an employer, it will be considered stepping out of line to ask of the health records of your employees or anyone for that matter. 
  • Financial history: Just like the health records, the financial records of others are none of your business. Only a court can order for the financial records of anyone. As an employer, stay away from prying into the financial details of others. It is none of your business honestly speaking.
  • Sexual orientation: Today, we have different sexual orientations like gay, lesbian, queer, transgender and so many others. As an employer, your focus should be on the merit and competence of the candidate or worker and not who he or she chooses to identify with. Respect yourself and do not probe into this.
  • Religion or faith: In order not to cause unnecessary tension, do not ask unnecessary questions about the spiritual orientation of others. If they choose to tell you on their own, then good.